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SOLD in 30 days Guarantee

Our Sold in 30 Days plan is as simple as this: We guarantee to sell your home in 30 days or we will sell it for free, meaning we will not charge you a commission on our side of the transaction.

No gimmicks, No Excuses, Guaranteed.

Details of Sold in 30 Day plan:

  • The asking price is mutually agreed to by Xavier & the Seller.

  • Seller agrees to implement our staging advice.

  • Seller makes home available to view Monday to Sunday 9:00 am to 8:00 pm

  • Seller will agree to 1 price reduction that is agreed to in advance which will be implemented on day 16.

Other terms and exclusions:

  • Sold is defined as an executed purchase agreement.

  • The guarantee is null and void if the seller rejects an acceptable offer within 5% of the current asking price.

  • If not sold within the 30 day period, Capital Group Real Estate will not charge the Seller a listing broker commission, the seller will only pay an admin and advertising fee of $1,495 to the listing broker.

  • A 2.5% commission is still payable to the Buyer’s broker.

  • Some rural areas are excluded from this offer.

  • Some condos are excluded from this offer

  • Foreclosures & Power of Sale  homes are excluded from this offer

SOLD in 30 Days or we Sell it for FREE!

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